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Parthian Shot
Time always eludes us. Hiding behind the false discreteness of our observations.

As soon as we turn away and shift our gaze, the point of observation shifts, and we ourselves turn into time's moving target, where time always wins by retreating. Aims with a Parthian arrow, always striking.

There are only traces left, while we are trying to keep up with time. A wrinkle on the body. Metal oxide. Rust.

This trail replaces the gap between the artificial and the natural. The trace creates new connections, new forms of relationships. Not belonging to either man or nature as opposed to the Anthropocene. The Antikythera mechanism turns into a part of the reef, flowers replace bullets.

Bruno Latour believed that such a relationship reveals the true essence of the subject, where the object is humanized, and the person is reified.

So the shell follows the contour of the human body, the carapace protects this body and the shell survives the
human body without protecting it. The carapace replaces the body of the warrior.

The carapace becomes warrior.


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